Press Coverage

Here is a collection of news clippings that mentions the CFR and/or work done by the CFR. Often articles are written without our knowledge so if you spot an article, please get in contact with us.

"Coco bonds: should we be worried?", BBC Radio 4, 11 February 2016

"Derivatives: Are they good? When are they bad?", Global Derivatives, Trading and Risk Management 2015, 18 May 2015

"Flash-crash rigging is rife in futures, warn traders", The Times, 1 May 2015

"Back to the brink", The Spectator, 26 July 2014

"Vestia Asks Court to Void $924 Million of Credit Suisse Swaps", Bloomberg News, 9 May 2013

"Deutsche Bank Derivative Helped Monte Paschi Mask Losses", Bloomberg News, 17 January 2013

"JPMorgan Cassino Settlement Shows Derivatives Failed Taxpayers", Bloomberg News, 12 April 2012

"Deutsche Bank on trial.Rhyme and reason: Germany's highest court censures its biggest bank", The Economist, 24 March 2011

"Deutsche Bank Loses First German High Court Case Over Swaps", Bloomberg News, 22 March 2011

"Calculated Risks", Cambridge Life, 2008

"Londres, nouvelle reine des finances?", La Presse, Le jeudi 22 mars 2007

"Advanced financial technologies at Universities - Cambridge, a mine of talent" [transl.], original article in Nikkei Finanical Daily, 20th of December, 2006

"Pioneer will Privatrente sicherer machen" [transl. "Pioneer will make private investment more secure"], Handelsblatt, November 2003

"New models for ailing pensions", Risk Magazine, March 2003

"Industry Divided over maths", Financial Times Fund Management Supplement, December 2002

"Charting rough waters", Financial Times, Weekend July 20/21 2002

"Adaptability assures research centre's success", Feature, Quantitative Finance 2.2, April 2002

"Luddites beware", The Times Higher, 15 January 1999